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Heartstring Stereo with Project Rewind and Sonic Skyways

Doors open at 6:30pm.

Join us for some of the best of original and independent central Ohio music! Heartstring Stereo is an original alternative-rock band hailing from right here in Marysville. Expanding from the foundation of a solid rock-quartet, their sound brings further drama to the genre with the incorporation of a cello player and two lead singers. As an original band, Heartstring Stereo has released a full length album (Remember in Color, 2020) and EP (Casefile, 2021), which can be enjoyed across all major streaming platforms.

Also joining in for the evening are Project Rewind and Sonic Skyways! Building off a string of successful shows in central Ohio, Project Rewind serves up a blend of alternative rock, hip-hop, and beach style vibe that is sure to satisfy all your needs to groove. Sonic Skyways is a 4-piece midwest pop and alternative rock band whose vintage tone and catchy riffs will keep people rocking all night. Both Project Rewind and Sonic Skyways are coming fresh out of the recording studio for this show, with some new excitement to share!

Heartstring Stereo with Project Rewind and Sonic Skyways

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