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Making its debut in August 1936 as one of the finest, most modern theaters in Ohio, The Avalon Theatre has been a fixture for the arts in Union County for decades. Opening its doors with the screening of “Let’s Sing Again” featuring Bobbie Breen, the 500 seat art deco style venue built by Leo Yassenhoff of

F & Y Building Services of Columbus, Ohio took pride in its lux decor and offerings of air conditioning to its patron on hot summer nights.

In December 1972, the owner of the New Century Theatre transformed the venue into a movie triplex. Area residents can recall that warm buttery smell as they entered the theater and how hard it was to resist a box before settling in for the latest Hollywood Blockbuster.

The Marysville Cinema continued to provide entertainment to the Union County residents until December 2009, as the final curtain fell, the iconic Uptown venue closed and had sat vacant until 2015 when a group of
civic-minded individuals recognized the importance of this historic uptown theater.

Today, the non-profit organization Marysville Uptown Theatre is spearheading the renovation project to bring the Avalon back to its original roots and provide the community with a facility to experience quality cultural, arts
and educational programs that benefit the Union County region.

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Building the Avalon

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