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Avalon Arts Academy Launches Classes for Teens and Adults

The Avalon Theatre has quickly established itself as a cultural arts and entertainment gathering place for Uptown Marysville. One of the linchpins is the Avalon Arts Academy.  In its inaugural year, the Avalon Arts Academy is introducing arts lovers to the experience of live theatre by expanding their knowledge through the various disciplines of the craft. In addition to our programming for children and teens, the Avalon Arts Academy is offering a variety of classes for adults as a part of the spring semester. 

The Avalon’s adult programming began last semester with the popular BALLROOM DANCING course taught by Ashley Schwyn. The class filled quickly with enthusiastic dancers of all abilities.  The students unanimously asked for this class to be included in the spring semester and spots are already being reserved.  This class will be held twice a month for four months monthly and will start on Tuesday, Feb 13, 2024. Registration is open and this course will cost $198 for the entire semester. 

Another exciting course that was asked for and is being offered this semester is ADULT IMPROV. This class, taught by Union County favorite Liz Hammond, will provide the basic fundamentals of improvisation to increase students' comfort and familiarity with the stage through improv games and scene work. Lovers of Improv will tell you, this is an incredibly fun way to explore your creativity and express yourself in a supportive, and often hilarious environment. ADULT IMPROV classes will be held monthly for four months for a fee of $99, with the first class being held on Tuesday, Feb 6, 2024. 

Performers are only one aspect of a theatrical experience, and the Avalon Arts Academy is offering the creatively fulfilling class THEATRICAL PRODUCTION. This class explores the art of creating visual environments and set design for stage productions. Students will delve into the design process as well as building props, backdrops, and costume pieces for upcoming shows. Instructor Katy Sanford is an artist, painter, designer, and lover of art history with many years of experience teaching art and history.  THEATRICAL PRODUCTION classes will be held monthly for four months for a fee of $99, with the first class being held on Tuesday, Feb 13, 2024. 

Aspiring filmmakers of all experience levels will be interested in THE PRINCIPLES OF FILM DIRECTING taught by Danny Rodgers.  He has experience as ​​a film director, cinematographer, and editor and with 8 feature films, over 50 short films, and countless music videos completed Danny is a valuable resource for Union County. The course will instruct you how to direct a film from start to finish. This class will take you from script to the completion of a project while covering everything from leadership to artistic decision-making. THE PRINCIPLES OF FILM DIRECTING classes will be held monthly for four months for a fee of $99, with the first class being held on Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024. 


The Avalon has worked with our instructors to create classes with an eye toward community interests and to provide fun, informative, and exciting classes that will appeal to people throughout our community. Registration for all courses is open for enrollment now. Participants must be registered before the first Tuesday of their chosen class. For more information, and to register for classes please visit or email

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